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Micro site marketing
 refers to a marketing concept where multiple websites are created with their domain name targeting specific keywords pertaining to a business; where these keywords are targeted for ranking on search engines in an attempt to increase traffic and conversions, leading to greater sales and therefore greater revenues. Micro sites typically target long tail keywords, where the monthly search count

Micro sites typically target long tail keywords, where the monthly search count and competition is comparatively low and the ratio between them is advantageous. Each domain and its website focuses specifically on the promotion of these long tail keywords in an attempt to capture all the traffic for the targeted keywords and get the site to rank among the top on search engines.

Typically, a micro site is a small website, static in nature, and may contain highly keyword specific content, with a call-to-action for the purpose of conversion. Each micro site is hosted on a different IP address so as to appear independent in nature to IP tracing scripts.

As a marketing tool, micro sites work in volumes alone. A typical micro site project could use as many as 50-200 websites to drive traffic to the parent website. The number of micro sites deployed for a project depends upon the number of keywords found suitable for a project.

Collectively, micro sites target a large number of keywords. While each website is targeting a handful of keywords, collectively these sites are trying to bring in traffic from a large search base. The key is to retain each site specific to a few targeted keywords (often location or product specific) and not dilute the focus of the content by addressing more keywords

Process of creating micro sites
  1. Keyword research & analysis
  2. Identifying most suited keywords
  3. Registering keyword-rich domains of short listed keywords
  4. Writing content for each micro site
  5. Optimization of each site as per targeted keyword
  6. Tying the sites into the parent site for revenue sharing
  7. Setting up reporting systems for progress monitoring
  8. Hosting websites on different servers
  9. Off page optimization of website (Link Building)
  10. Online promotion, Social Media Marketing etc.


The number of links pointing to your site from other sites denotes the importance of your site to search engines. Effective link building plays a crucial role in determining the ranking of website in search engine result pages. Bobs Wed Design  link building packages include strategies to gain page rank (PR), increase your link popularity, and attain high rankings for focused keywords. An effective link building service will provide a low cost link building package that incorporates all the necessary link building solutions that you may need to achieve a large number of quality inbound links, and thereby increase your link popularity.

Search engines generate nearly 90% of all Internet traffic and are responsible for 55% of all E-commerce transactions. Today, it is essential for all online businesses to make use of search engine optimization services as an integral part of their online business strategy.Bobs Wed Design  is a search optimization services provider that helps you define, evolve, and implement a powerful, best price SEO strategy to leverage your online business potential. Working with this main objective, the SEO team at Bobs Wed Design uses its expertise, low cost search engine optimization pricing, refined, and affordable search engine optimization services and proven set of ethical white-hat techniques.

We are a search engine optimization services provider, with affordable search engine optimization services, which can help your site naturally rank higher on search engines. We also provide competitive search engine optimization pricing tailor made to suit your budget.

Our cost-friendly SEO pricing packages include careful handling of the entire SEO process.

Once interest is shown in a search engine optimization quote, the site is thoroughly analyzed for its full SEO potential before implementation, to fix a conclusive quote for search engine optimization pricing.

Cheap search engine optimization without following search engine guideline can lead to “spamdexing”. Keyword research is the most important aspect of any SEO campaign. We identify keywords that have high relevance and have competition to ensure affordable search engine optimization pricing that ensures optimum
performance for each dollar spent.

Finding a cheap search engine optimization provider is not enough to ensure a good search engine ranking. A lot of work goes into on-page optimization including Title & Meta tags optimization, image optimization, anchor text and title attributes optimization and on-page text editing & HTML markups for best performance.

A cheap search optimization company might also overlook other aspects like file-names, directory structure, navigation, site inter-linking, error pages, robots file, sitemaps, etc. However, at Bobs Wed Design , each site is audited for SEO levels and finally submitted to search engines, industry directories, yellow pages, etc. The site performance is constantly monitored on a monthly basis for various matrices and
 reported through Success Tracking Reports.

Bobs Wed Design handles SEO as an integrated aspect of an Internet Marketing strategy. SEO alone is not sufficient to meet marketing objectives. Other important activities such as link building and article syndication are also essential to achieve high rankings. Depending upon which stage your project is in, with reference to the larger picture of your project lifecycle, send us a note on your objectives and expectations and we'll be happy to help you understand the methodology we adopt at Bobs Wed Design  to Deliver Measurable Online Success.

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