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  Let me Illustrate


You think They want to 
 Sell You Your Own Name?

In April I bought a Company's name for them.  I paid $1,000  Sad thing 3 years ago we
could of got his name for $8.95 a year.  He thought no one would buy his name.
 I mean why would some one want my company name? 
(Yea right)

But their is another reason  People in Japan, Korea, Pakistan, South Africa
India, Germany, and other countries are getting
US. phone books
and buying the names of Company's  WHY?

 Because most likely The company has trucks with their
Company's Name on them & A Building with their name on it.

In today's market  most people with money that would Hire 
a company to do work for them, are also Computer savey. 

 So when they see a Name on a truck  like 
Steve's Service Plumbing 

they go home punch in  
Steve does own his name Go here and see 
his truck Advertisement

Because a successful  company has a web site

 Well Lets say  Steve does not have a web site
Or own his own domain name   So who owns His Name?

 A Company in Pakistan Bought
 Steve's Service Plumbing  Name and also 200 other Plumbing Company's Names
all over the country.

 What they do is point all the names to one site, 
When you type in one of the plumbing company's names 
it goes to their site.
The site  opens up & says

Welcome to our Plumbing Company.

We have merged with many top Plumbing company's 
 to offer you Several Estimates. 
 Fill out the form below  Include your city,  State, Phone # 
 and best time to call and we will have
 3 Plumbing Company's set up an appointment 
to give you a 

So you fill out the form.
 Well out of the 3 Company's  you like 

Tom of   A. A. Plumbing  So you hire him He does a nice Job.

Well Tom goes back home and mails a Finder Fee check of $75.00

Why would they Sell You Your Name?  
 When you are driving around with a billboard with your company's name on it, which could 
 make them  lots of money in the future  as the Internet Grows.

Go to
And buy your name now  IT'S only $8.95 a year.
 I paid double that at Jack in the box yesterday

It's like a safety Deposit Box Once it's in your account  
No body can touch it.

Even if you your name is   Registered with a state.
does not  mean they can't own the Domain Name

Don't for get your Personal Name too  Donald Trump owns his. So does Bill Gates