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Question  -  Do you know what a Jump page is?

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A Jump Site is a Key Word Domain Name

that coincides with your main web sites purpose.

 Let's say your company's name is -  Vally Plumbing You own - and live in
Davis California.  So you buy the domain name  - & You make 1 page web site Jump Page for each name and then
put  a link  that says  See our main site  Great Google search words   Davis - California - Plumbing

We own a web site  Called

  We bought  another domain name called 

  and we make a web page & put a link on it that says   Enter to our main site

Click  - 

                            to see what I mean see how you can go to

 Now you have another chance to be found on Google ( 2 Sites are better then 1) or 3 or 4

        Here are some examples of Jump web sites Click on the
           Jump Site Domain Name

  Jump Site   Main Site
    Both of these Domain names Click to
   & To
                            All Tthese Click to
    Reed More on Pricing of Jump Sites
Client  -  Great Basin Safety
See their Jump Sites
They have 50 Jump sites

Pricing of Jump Sites
  More on  Micro Site