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let that happen to you

Example a owner of a company called a web company and they bought him his company name and built him a web site and charged $1,250 for the design  and name, then it was $45.00 a month for
hosting & maintaining the site

The man is happy.  Then some time goes by and he can't find his company in Google search under services that he provides. Example  he searches Boise real estate. can't be found , so he calls the company and they say well you need to have us Optimize your site or SEO, meaning
Get it on google first page

Ok  They say $750.00 a month Woooo!!!
 But he need the traffic or clients to find his site. Ok he signs up.
Their he is on 1st page Google  4th name down.  Ok.
 Well some time goes by He is not on page 1 of google   on 2nd page Google. Then third page! He calls several times!  Can get the issue resolved. 

Decides I will go with a different company.
 Problem The company that bought his name for him put it in their name ( He does not own his company name. ) Sample

He has been using this domain name on all his cards, flyers,
for sale signs, email Every thing
The company says  You have to stay with us or buy your name from us. for $4,500.00

let that happen to you

Call Us  We treat you like we want to be treated
I will show you how you can buy your own company name and
 it yours to take with you where ever you go
Robert 208-371-7757  or

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domain search box to secure your company name 

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